Body of Four KBX Offers a Complete Workout Experience 

through a series of diverse conditioning and striking routines designed to develop your strength, flexibility, coordination and focus

Get Fit while Learning how to Kick Box

get some guidance on various striking techniques backed by regular pad work that will help you improve at a steady pace

Join a Great Environment

At Body of Four KBX, we offer one of the most inclusive and friendly environments in the community.

What We Can Offer

  • Qualified Instruction

    Our classes are led by qualified and experienced instructors who take the time to properly plan out programs

  • A Clean Gym

    At Body of Four, we keep a high standard when it comes to gym cleanliness, we go through a rigorous cleaning process daily

  • No Judgements

    Just encouragement and support as you progress and improve. We all have to start somewhere and some time, so make your time now

  • Legitimacy

    Our programs are run by certified Muay Thai Kru and former Cage Fighters who can back up what they teach through experience

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